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Deep Cleaning


Deep cleaning brings about a great deal of satisfaction––for everyone involved. You feel good, because your business is clean from the ground up (and who doesn’t want to work in a clean environment?). We feel good, because we’ve done what we do best, in the best possible manner.

At G&G Supply Janitorial, we don’t only do this thorough of a job in the spring when spring cleaning is on everyone’s minds. We routinely perform this level of cleaning at any time throughout the year. Just ask us.

When we clean at this level, there is no detail left unattended. We concentrate with special attention on all the areas left untouched during our regular cleaning services. And since we clean so completely during these times, we request that any clutter is picked up prior to our arrival so we can clean most effectively. We want nothing to stand in our way of giving you the utmost satisfaction with the cleaning job we’ll do for you.

Just as when we specifically design a custom plan for regular cleanings for each client, we will custom design a treatment for your business’s/office’s needs. We specialize in essential areas––like your restrooms and break areas. Throughout your business or office, all the moldings are cleaned by hand, all the floors are given a particularly thorough cleaning, and all specified areas, including those hard-to-see corners, will be hand scrubbed and vacuumed. We want to be sure your business is sparkly clean from top to bottom! If there’s an area or a cleaning service most cleaning services don’t do, just ask us. One of our top goals is to exceed your expectations by going above and beyond what everyone else does. We want to design each job around your needs, not ours. This is what makes our cleaning team the best.

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